Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happiness is a Trap?! What?!

Is being happy a trap?
In the book “The Happiness Trap” the author Russ Harris tells the reader that the more we try to find happiness, the more we suffer. A pretty bold statement in a self-help book, but it catches your attention, doesn't it?!  The crazy part? – I agree with him!!!

Let’s look at what I mean:
Today there are more and more tips and tricks out there than we can absorb over a lifetime about how to look better, feel better, and ultimately be better. A constant struggle to become better than who we were yesterday. And I dare to claim that it is a human right to have this desire, to always try to improve and better ourselves. What makes it difficult is not only the multiple and contradicting advice available out there but also the constant reminders that we are being compared to predefined standards, chosen by society. – And we are reminded of these comparisons daily. Magazines, social media, TV, radio, podcast, blogs. There is always someone younger, smarter, sexier, prettier, taller, skinnier, wealthier, more successful… then you, me, us.
So, to be happy, we think we have to be, smarter, sexier, skinnier, wealthier, and more successful… than the person next to us, and we put effort into it. We take one advice one day and another the next and confuse ourselves with it instead, and typically we fail. We fail to the standards and more importantly to the image we have in our minds. We tell ourselves “I would be more happy if…” and you fill in the blank. But this effort into “being happy” is empty. It is filled with false promises and hope. Not because it can’t be achieved but because we somewhere inside of us believe that we are not allowed to be happy until we have whatever we dream about. But happiness isn't a feeling that is given to us just like that. Not long lasting happiness at least. Life happiness doesn't come with a new car, a more fit body, or a larger income. It is not a package deal. Happiness is a stand-alone feeling that can be felt under any circumstances – if you allow yourself to feel it. It is a choice. Your choice, not influenced by social norms and standards, but by your desire to be…
The course | Learn to Love Yourself and Live a Life of Happiness | is to teach you how to be happy in all circumstances so that being happy is who you are and not a goal. Because, by being happy life automatically rewards you with happiness – it is the default setting the Universe works around. It gives you more of what you are. So, instead of striving for something to become happy, let’s be happy and strive for life. Together. Right here.
Xo Helena

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Chocoholics - Look HERE!

My second online course is now available - and guess what - it is FREE!

This course is for all of you chocoholics out there that feel that maybe you are having a little too much of the smooth goodness that have your heart beating faster and your mouth watering with the shear thought of it...

Check out the course and help yourself be free once and for all.

You will never be asked to pay for this - this is a FREE COURSE!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Chocolate Craving be GONE

I am working on a second online course... Targeted to all you chocolate lovers out there who may believe you are having a little too much of the goodness.

It will be a short course that will be offered for free - at least for the time being.

Stay tuned - I am hoping it will be launched by the end of this week, just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend and all its indulgence.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Panic Attacks - Live Broadcast coming soon!

After talking with so many people that are or have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, I have decided to host a FREE Live broadcast session on my Facebook page YenPrimeSoul to show exactly what you can do in those situations if it happens to you or someone you know. 

Panic attacks can feel like any combination, variation, and strength of the following: 
Shortness of breath or hyperventilating
Heart palpitations or racing heart
Chest pains or discomfort
Trembling or shaking
Choking feeling
Feeling unreal or detached from your surroundings
Nausea or upset stomach

Did I say it was FREE?!!! Please SHARE this message with your friends, you may just save someone from ever having a panic attack ever again! 

Make sure to Like the page to be the first to know! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Online Course: Learn to Love Yourself and Live a Life of Happiness

Learn some easy techniques to increase your own self-love and watch your life improve. No matter where you are in your life right now, as you learn to respect, appreciate, and love yourself more and on a deeper level, other things in your life will make a positive shift too. 
Build Your Foundation To a Happier Life By Challenging Yourself To Take And Complete All The Actions In This Course        
  • Understand that self-love is the foundation to happiness in your life
  • Identify areas that need your attention for you to feel emotionally free
  • Learn do-it-yourself tricks to quickly get yourself back on track
  • Find out how to love You the best
  • Recognize that love will grow exponentially and that you always must start with yourself

In today's society we hear more and more about people being stressed out, depressed, and overwhelmed. More is expected of us with seemingly less time to do it. We are pressured to look a certain way and no matter how much we try we seem to fall short of these standards. This course will help You bypass all of this so that you can in fact love yourself just as you are today. Appreciate your uniqueness and be exactly who you were meant to be. Know that you deserve love.   
What you are getting in this course
This course is divided into seven sections and includes lectures to go over specific topics related to the subject of love. Love isn't just a "fluffy" thing that people feel. Love has scientists and doctors engaged. Book after book have been written about the subject and there is more to love than just a feeling. This knowledge will help you understand why love is so important in your life and why it all starts with You. The lectures flows down into actions that will help you change your habits so that you can reap the benefits of love in your life as soon as possible. One important addition to this course is the EFT sections. EFT stands for 'Emotional Freedom Technique' and is an easy to learn technique I will teach you in order for you to get rid of blocks that may be holding you down. You see, if I tell you to look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful and nothing in you believes it; the exercise will most likely not work. With EFT we will change those beliefs and open ourselves up to love. In other words, with these combined techniques you will start to allow yourself to love yourself. 
Not only will you walk away from this course with new knowledge about love but you will also feel the love inside and around you increase. 
I can't wait to meet you and see you transform!
Much Love and Blessings



Thursday, February 11, 2016

Coming soon - Love Yourself Online Course

I am so excited to share some amazing news with you all. In a few short weeks I'll be releasing my first official online course under my Yen Prime Soul label. I didn't realize it when I started creating the course that it would be such a culmination of so many things that has happened in my life during the past few years. And how perfect everything has lined up.

I was initially going to do a course on Losing weight and be happy in your own body but after a long struggle on getting started I did some meditation and it was like I was hit by lightning. It was clear - I needed to do a course on Self-Love first! And this thought and feeling kept bugging me until I actually started to build my content. And while I did I had no idea where to start but I did and it is almost finished. The craziest part is that I never ever struggled with motivation, or fear of failure or any of those other things that usually make you put off stuff. I just went for it. And it all felt so right.

I know that there is no chance I did all of this by myself. I truly thank the Divine Love for all the help it was sending me.

Stay tuned for links and coupons :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What would it take?

Have you ever heard of the expression "Laws of Attraction"? 
Have you ever spent more time thinking of how it may be working against or for you? 

Laws of Attraction is like an antenna sticking out of your head looking for similar thoughts to connect to. And in the Universe a mixture of thoughts and realities are floating around waiting to find its match. 

Many of us struggle at some point in our lives. And when that happens we ask ourselves "why?"..
- Why did this happen to me? 
- Why did this happen now? 
- Why can't I seem to get out of this rut? 
- Why am I constantly depressed? 
- Why is my body so weak and tired all the time? 
- Why do I feel sick? 
- Why do I never have enough money? 

The reality of the Laws of Attraction is that every time you ask that why-question the Universe responds. You asked "why"... the Universe shows... "this is why". 

"Behind every problem, there is a question trying to ask itself.
Behind every question, there is an answer trying to reveal itself.
Behind every answer, there is an action trying to take place.
And, behind every action, there is a way of life trying to be born..."
~Michael Bernard Backwith

Read that again until it make some kind of sense to you... 
"...Behind every question, there is an answer trying to reveal itself..."

When you ask that why and the Universe provides the answer or the proof of why, it will show you why you are stuck, why you are depressed, why you are sick, why you are in a bad financial situation, over and over and over again. Until you change the question or take action so you don't have to ask the question anymore. 

Believe that the Universe loves you so much that it wants to show you the answers you are looking for. 

How do you change the question? 
Instead of saying why say: WHAT WOULD IT TAKE... 
A much more profitable and welcomed way to use the Universe love and the Laws of Attraction steps into your life. 
- What would  it take for me to feel happiness?
- What would it take for me to have enough money to pay all my bills and enjoy myself? 
- What would it take for me to feel healthy? 
- What would it take for me to get another job? 

Trust that the Universe will show you the answers you are looking for in one way or another! Sometimes we might be blocking our own recovery or road to success simply by ways we have been brought up or the way we think. The Universe gives you an answer and you think "you want me to do what?!?!" :) EFT is a great tool to give those underlying blocks a kick once and for all. With EFT we will tap into each block that is holding you back from being who you truly are. :) 


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Confession of an emotional eater

I just came back from a vacation. A vacation at the lake surrounded by people I love. And beside for having a wonderful time, seeing people I haven't seen in a long time, and getting a tan (for a pale swede at least) I noticed another thing - I wasn't eating everything in site! In fact - I wasn't even craving my normal go-to's like ice cream, candy, and french fries. I couldn't care less about it actually. 


Because I was satisfied. Emotionally satisfied. I didn't need to satisfy myself via other external tools - like food. What an eye-opening moment it was.

Ok.. I knew this about myself but it was still a proof of my "situation". When we are emotionally satisfied our brain naturally provides the feel-good hormones. When we are not, we unknowingly look for them in external methods such as food, drugs, alcohol... (Wish I was one of those people that craved the gym!!! lol) The food people turn to are usually food high in either sugar or fats to satisfy a "starving" brain for it to release feel-good hormones (such as Serotonin, Dopamine, and Oxytocin). And that is exactly what I do...

I get an idea of what I want to eat and I don't even stop myself from thinking that maybe I should go for something else. It doesn't even cross my brain. It is like in the heat-of -the-moment I don't care. I eat it and after I go "Oooooppppssss... I didn't want to eat all that". Anyone experience the same thing?

So... with some new insights I am now determined to change this. Tap, tap, tap... Tapping along with meditation and positive reinforcing are going to be my three main tools to avoid getting my hands stuck in the cookie jar! I don't want to go Oooopppsssss again.

And here is the thing - the focus of this weight loss challenge I am giving myself will NOT be focused on food. (What?!?!?!) You know, the standard diet protocol etc - No I am determine to use the methods mentioned to change the way my body and mind is feeling that it is automatically going to select food it needs rather than crave...

I'll keep you updated on my progress :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Don't miss out on getting your first 4 sessions for free

There are still a few spots left - claim yours NOW! 
Offers expires August 31st 2015.
Sessions will start in September :) 

Use the contact form to the right or send me an email to claim your spot 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Shoulder pain mysteriously gone...

When I do EFT on other people and it works I get butterflies in my stomach out of excitement. Like it is a miracle. Like I didn't expect it to work in the first place. It is so incredibly exciting and I giggle out loud. Especially when I do it with someone that has never tried EFT and barely knows what it is - I kind of just ask them to follow along (with a warning that they most likely will feel pretty stupid doing it)...

...This happened to me just recently.

A friend was constantly complaining about his shoulder pain during the little time we spent together that day. I asked him a few quick questions so I could formulate my EFT recipe (yes I know... it makes me sound like a witch mixing potions, but it is called a recipe). And he agreed to let me do some EFT on him.

After tapping a few rounds, aka a few minutes, he sat down by the table to show me exactly where it hurt and how it would bother him to even lift his glass to make a toast. He said out load "it hurts specifically when I do this" as he lifted his arm... And then he had to do it again. Then again in a different angle. He lifted, twisted, and bent his arm in numerous ways and as he was doing this his facial expression became more and more confused. He couldn't believe it and didn't really want to. He was convinced he could find the pain in his shoulder... but he couldn't no matter what he did.

I had to bite my tongue not to laugh at his confusion while I was also so excited that it had worked so fast on him.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Training Clients - Get 4 sessions for free!

Special Promotion

I have completed my LEVEL 1 course of EFT from the EFT Universe ((((celebrating)))) and I am now looking for a set of clients to practice on! 

All training clients will receive 4 sessions at NO COST (yes, that means free), and if they wish to continue with more sessions after that, the fee will be at a significant reduced price* ($50 per session). In return, all the training clients will be asked to submit at least one testimonial that may or may not be published. (If you do not wish to leave a testimonial you are still able to take advantage of the special training client promotion by simply paying $50 per session from the start). 

Space is limited so submit your request as soon as possible. Deadline for this offer runs out on August 31, 2015 or sooner if the spaces fill up.

Who can become a training client? 
- You must be 18 years or older
- You must have something you want to work on such as, but not limited to: anxiety, trouble sleeping, cravings, addictions, bad memories, big reactions to little things, depression, feeling down, stressed, physical pain in your body, etc... 
- You must be able to meet me in person in Bensalem PA, or over Skype

Use the "contact me" form to the right on the screen or send me an email and I will get back to you with available time slots. 


*Reduced price sessions are only available for clients signing up and being accepted prior to the deadline.
*Reduced price sessions will end when I achieve Level 2 status with the EFT Universe.