Thursday, February 11, 2016

Coming soon - Love Yourself Online Course

I am so excited to share some amazing news with you all. In a few short weeks I'll be releasing my first official online course under my Yen Prime Soul label. I didn't realize it when I started creating the course that it would be such a culmination of so many things that has happened in my life during the past few years. And how perfect everything has lined up.

I was initially going to do a course on Losing weight and be happy in your own body but after a long struggle on getting started I did some meditation and it was like I was hit by lightning. It was clear - I needed to do a course on Self-Love first! And this thought and feeling kept bugging me until I actually started to build my content. And while I did I had no idea where to start but I did and it is almost finished. The craziest part is that I never ever struggled with motivation, or fear of failure or any of those other things that usually make you put off stuff. I just went for it. And it all felt so right.

I know that there is no chance I did all of this by myself. I truly thank the Divine Love for all the help it was sending me.

Stay tuned for links and coupons :)