Monday, May 23, 2016

Chocolate Craving be GONE

I am working on a second online course... Targeted to all you chocolate lovers out there who may believe you are having a little too much of the goodness.

It will be a short course that will be offered for free - at least for the time being.

Stay tuned - I am hoping it will be launched by the end of this week, just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend and all its indulgence.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Panic Attacks - Live Broadcast coming soon!

After talking with so many people that are or have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, I have decided to host a FREE Live broadcast session on my Facebook page YenPrimeSoul to show exactly what you can do in those situations if it happens to you or someone you know. 

Panic attacks can feel like any combination, variation, and strength of the following: 
Shortness of breath or hyperventilating
Heart palpitations or racing heart
Chest pains or discomfort
Trembling or shaking
Choking feeling
Feeling unreal or detached from your surroundings
Nausea or upset stomach

Did I say it was FREE?!!! Please SHARE this message with your friends, you may just save someone from ever having a panic attack ever again! 

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